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17 czerwca 2020

SPECIAL Practitioner Dementia - Alzheimer’s telephone consultation

now available to book on-line

Are you caring for or living with someone with Alzheimer’s disease? Whether they have been recently diagnosed or are in a later stage of the disease.

Do you feel drained or worried about how to cope or communicate with this person when things get misunderstood either at home, between family members or in the care settings?

My over 18 years of experience in caring for people with all stages of Alzheimer’s disease includes 13 years of practice in a simple and at the same time highly specialised method of communication created for people living with Alzheimer's. 

I have learned and developed many techniques to help relatives/caregivers deal with difficult situations in a loving and intuitive way. Alzheimer’s can be confusing, not just for the person living with it, but for everyone in the household. I can help.

One aspect I can provide significant support with, including managing catastrophic reactions, is 'Sundown Syndrome'. This is a phenomena that can occur for most people at some stage in the Dementia. When the thinking-mind becomes unable to function as expected, the person will then become more sensitive to their deep intuitions. One of these strong instincts (which we all have in some ways) is to feel anxious and have a ‘need for safety’ as the sun is setting.

This can cause the person living with Alzheimer’s to display behaviours that are not in context with their environment, an over-reaction. In this case a desperate need to ‘go home’ (even if they are in their own house). This is then misunderstood by the family/caregivers who tell them ‘you are at home’. But this is not how the person feels. This may lead to distress.

I can demonstrate intuitive methods to help you see the world through their eyes and create a sense of calm and familiarity for them. I can teach you this and many other techniques to help create a more peaceful and loving environment for you all. 

I know what needs to be incorporated into daily care to prevent the recurrence of Sundown Syndrome. I have spent hundreds of evenings "bringing" people living with some forms of dementia “Home". You can benefit from my mistakes and experience. 

Changes in my behaviour and communication, which I implemented at key moments, helped patients calm down, feel better, and reestablish cooperation with me.

Thanks to this, I have a unique experience. Through my own practice, I have learned effective, non-pharmacological methods of recovery from anxiety. I also learned how to effectively prevent subsequent attacks of the Sunset Syndrome, and others.

I have no doubts that the "home" the patients talk about is a feeling, not a place.

To understand the reality of a loved one living with Alzheimer’s, you need to understand how their brain functions now. To skilfully care and make them feel at home with you again, you need help with self-reflection and to learn how to change your behaviour, because at this moment the person living with diagnosis may no longer be able to change theirs.

To continue the exhaustive and demanding work of a caregiver/carepartner you need to learn how to take care of yourself too - so book your appointment for a consultation today.

  • You will benefit from my over 18 years of practical experience with people living with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • You will get to know examples from life - what worked for us.
  • Your needs will be heard and understood. I have the unique experience of living with Alzheimer’s patients in their own homes on a daily basis (running a house, cooking, shopping, as well as recovering from anxiety in the evening and sleepless nights). This gives me not only in depth observational knowledge but also great empathy towards your day-to-day experiences.
  • You will understand more, I will explain Alzheimer’s disease to you in a simple (non-medical) way. This will help you stop taking some things personally. 
  • You will get some tried and tested rules that work in the care of people living with this diagnosis. I will also work with you to develop an individual care plan for your loved one.
  • You will get immediate work tools to de-escalate and redirect the attention of the person living with Alzheimer’s for their immediate benefit and you will improve your relationship with the person you care for.
  • In addition to addressing specific concerns related to dementia care, this consultation is designed to provide guidance and support for any other questions or challenges you may encounter in your caregiving journey.
  • I will support you in self-reflection and guide you in discovering ways to care for yourself. 
  • As someone close to a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, it's important for you to know that holistic specialists are well-versed with Alzheimer's prevention strategies. I am here to help you navigate this journey and explore potential avenues for your own and your loved one's well-being.

Because I know how difficult it can be to find time with everything that is going on around Alzheimer’s patients care, you will choose the most convenient time of our conversation.

Cost : £150

per one (1) hour of telephone consultation


Book your appointment by sending an e-mail or by using booking calendar and payment to the address below.
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