Why write letters, and why they might help you too.

It wasn’t until I went on my own journey trying to reach “home” until I realised that I lived depersonalized, was often alienated among friends and family and was neglecting my basic human need for being understood and received.

Writing letters “To Dali” is me reaching out for contact with other people but also connecting with my core. “My Universe” It is part of Malwina taking care of Malwina. Learning about and recognizing Malwina’s needs, for a change.

I spent most of my life entering other people’s worlds especially when they are living with dementia.  I had to adjust and become a part of who THEY are, but not who I really am.

I, therefore, felt the need to express my own world and use creativity in writing to understand for myself the link and importance between people living with dementia or not,

Communication is an important part of the journey but our own recognition of how dementia-like we all can be (somewhat demented) and how that can actually be a positive state to be in touch with.

Life is a lot more interesting and becomes a true art when we are able to recognise in ourselves our own social, cultural and domestic programming.

I learned this from the Toltec people and it changed my perspectives on life.

My hope is that you can read my letters without judging me and recognise something in yourself that can help you arrive ‘Home’.

10 kwietnia 2021

Forget Alzheimer’s Home is a feeling. Malwina’s journey.

Malwina wanted to work as a live in carer, looking after people in their own homes, thinking it can be an interesting and rewarding job. On the other hand she was dreading it. The worst-case scenario for Malwina was looking after a client with dementia. She was afraid ...
7 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 1 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 1

I'd like to fulfill the wish which we had in Mexico that we are going to create something together. I am going to practice my creative writing by sending letters to you. Also I need to write 'reports' about William's time here, because I know how much you want to hear how our friend is doing in this unknown land for both of you.
6 kwietnia 2021
dear dali - letter 2 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 2

In this next scribble, I would try to tell you more about Stary Śleszów. It is a small village in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. We are located 18 km away from Wroclaw city. Because of the many activities in which William and I participate at the moment, I love this location- it's convenient. We can enjoy gardening, but also if we need, we can be in the center of one of the prettiest Polish cities in less than 30 minutes drive.
5 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 3 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 3

As you know, William and I recently went to Podlaskie province. Different region of Poland, 620 km away from where we live with my father. This distance is nothing in Mexican reality, but here 620 km means that we almost crossed the whole Poland on the bus! We went there to attend a free permaculture workshop, nearby Augustow town.
4 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 4 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 4

Since, as you well know in this live I was born Polish, BUT: - "Sí, soy Mexicana. ¡Los mexicanos nacemos donde nos da la rechingada gana!' To tell you the truth, many more times have I been to worldwide capitals than I have been to the capitol of my own country. It is because of William's dream of exploring 'Polska' that I went again to visit Warsaw- the political and business center of Poland. I want to tell you more about our time there and compare Warsaw to Mexico City.
3 kwietnia 2021
dear dali - letter 5- dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 5

To start, I would like to thank you for being my inspiration today! I don't know whether you did this on purpose or not, but your questions about William inspired me to write again! It is almost two months since we came to Poland and William at this very moment is in Kraków, the most beautiful Polish city and the one he dreamed about. If you don't remember, William was in love with Krakow ever since I have known him. In fact, he was telling me a legend about Wawel Dragon from Krakow on the day that we met.
2 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 6 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 6

You must have been very busy with all your activities and work in the city. I really liked your recent video and music composition which you created. It's amazing how you feel music. Again I would like to briefly update you about how things are in Poland. William is finally back from Krakow. He returned to us on my birthday and brought amazing energy with him. He hugged me, picked me up in the air, telling me that I smell like Ometepe!
1 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 7 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 7

I am writing to you yet another letter. It must be sunset time on your roof top in Mexico City because it is sunrise here in my garden. Today I woke up just in time to see the magnificent sky before it clouded over. I used to have a Scottish friend who was always telling me: "The sky is beautiful at every sunrise even in the worst of cloudy days in Britain". I was never awake that early during my life in the UK (or 'awake' in general) to witness it, but now I can say that yes, it is true! Anyway, we have our own, big and beautiful strawberries. Snails and not only them, are having a feast. But I will write about it later.
31 marca 2021
dear dali letter 8 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 8

Como te sientes? -"Vivo"??? Have You finished reading your 700 pages long ,art and music book yet? Was your teacher right and your thinking has completely changed since? Here is the latest news from Poland.
30 marca 2021
dear dali letter 9 - dementia support for carers, my journey

Dear Dali – Letter 9 The sign from the Universe

If I sound different than usual, it might be because I am writing from Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is still in the United Kingdom but the Irish speak with a totally different accent than the English. Be thankful I am not writing from Glasgow in Scotland, you wouldn’t be able to understand a word! September until December is a ‘poster season’ in the UK and it is my working time. This season I crossed most of Great Britain, lengthwise and crosswise. Travelling with a van, selling posters and art prints to students. I slept in numerous hotels and visited dozens of cities and universities.