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Telephone consultation
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Online support group
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Telephone consultation
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"Forget Alzheimer's - Home Is a Feeling" online workshops


now available to book on-line


Since you are reading these words, you, someone close to you or those you care for probably live with some form of dementia. 

Neurologists, researchers, summits and conference speakers give us around 160 names for the forms of dementia. My expertise is Alzheimer's disease.


  • Would you like to talk to someone who knows your day to day, hour to hour struggles and knows how to cope without going mad?  

  • Do you want to forget Alzheimer’s and get your life and good relationships back?

I have the carer’s perspective and know what really matters everyday for the quality of life for both. Person who is diagnosed and a person who is caring for someone who got diagnosed.

My 18 years experience is from work in Great Britain with people in all stages of Alzheimer's disease. I looked after nursing home residents, as well as clients of private companies offering 24-hour care in patients' homes and lately my own practice clients. 

I was angry, frustrated and fed up for the first 7 years of my work time, until I finally learned a new way. Way where I can be around someone with Alzheimer's and not feel drained of my energy to do anything else. 


  • You can reclaim peace and normality back to your life thanks to experiences based on my practice. 


I have been implementing changes to the way I communicate with my clients since 2011 and I finally found the answers to their repeated questions and irritating behaviours and learned how to calm them,make them feel happy and take care of myself at the same time. My life has changed, that's why I know.

What I've got to tell you during my workshops improves the quality of life not only of the person who got diagnosed, but of the whole family and carers - both family and professional ones. Each workshop that I offer has a different theme for the practical exercises.


During the first workshop:

  • You will find out out how to respond/talk with them, when they "want to go home"
  • You will find out how to stop them from asking you the same question over and over again.
  • You will know what to say when you hear a difficult question about deceased family members

  • During the whole series you will learn how to improve a person's wellbeing without the unnecessary use of antipsychotic, enabling the opportunity to slow down the disease's progression.

Each workshop in the series will be delivered digitally via zoom, will be a maximum of 6 participants and the duration will be approximately 2 hours. 

Got questions? Email:


Next workshops

Sunday 28th of Jan 2024 @10 am CET time

Cost (4 workshops): £200


Space only for 6 people.  Last workshops at this price. Participation is determined by the order of payments.

* Cost (1 workshop) : £70 - booked and paid individually

Join me

I have spent hundreds of afternoons "bringing home" dementia patients, testing and utilising non-pharmacological methods .

If you want to learn how to better communicate with those affected by Dementia, I can’t wait to meet you and to share with you what I have learned.


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