Online Workshops
10 czerwca 2020
Online Workshops
10 czerwca 2020

Online Circle Gathering, mentored support group

Are you caring for a person living with Dementia ?

  • What are you doing to look after yourself right now ?

  • How are you taking care of yourself right now ?

Join my online carer circle gathering; a confidential, non-judgmental, empathetic and sharing space, created by me for those of us who care for people living with dementia. Forget Alzheimer’s carer circle gatherings will take place weekly online and are led by the rules for circle gatherings. They allow carer’s to connect with their personal feelings and emotions and take care of themselves without leaving their own home.


The circle is recognized by diverse cultures and religions as a sacred shape. It is a symbol of transformation and evolution. It allows the free flow of energy.
Each participant of a circle gathering is equal.

Sat in front of our screens, each in our own homes, we share our current experiences in a trustworthy space, guided by the rules of the circle gathering:

  • Confidentiality- what we say in the circle stays in the circle.

  • Everyone gets time to speak.

  • Participants talk about themselves and how they feel. No talking about other people.

  • Shared statements are not judged; there are no comments or interruptions.

  • Nobody gives advice.

Forget Alzheimer’s circle gatherings empower us to carry on with our daily lives, by creating a form of mutual support that care providers give to each other. In addition, meetings in circles also teach participants how to listen, together with qualities such as empathic listening, gratitude, and connection. I recommend support groups for carer’s run on the principles of circle gatherings, because the qualities we learn at our meetings are becoming more and more present in life outside of circle gathering.

After the meeting in the circle we feel much better, we communicate better and thanks to this our relationships with our loved ones and those under our care also improve. Personally, I have participated in many different circles both live and online. These meetings have always helped me connect with my needs and made me feel much better.

Now during lockdown carers are experiencing isolation even greater than before, which has motivated me to create this online support group, enabling and supporting carer’s to look after themselves right now.


Benefits of my Forget Alzheimer’s mentored online circle gathering support group:

  • You will discover the beneficial power of a gathering circle: space for development, growth, and deep transformation
  • You will connect with yourself and express everything that is important to you
  • You will be able to talk about the emotions that have accompanied you recently
  • You will see yourself and everyone else in greater confidence and willingness to cooperate
  • You will get the power to continue your dedicated work
  • You will learn empathic listening
  • You will learn how to communicate your needs better
  • You will improve the relationship with the person you look after

Join me

My Forget Alzheimer’s mentored online support group is just a one-off payment of £35 and after that you can come back monthly for a donation of your choice. This is my personal answer to the question of “how do dementia care givers take care of ourselves now”, when we are isolated even more than before.

Meetings are held monthly and the number of participants is limited to 12 per group.

Applications for participation are accepted by sending an e-mail to: Malwina - click on link


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