dear dali letter 7 - dementia support for carers, my journey
Dear Dali – Letter 7
1 kwietnia 2021
dear dali - letter 5- dementia support for carers, my journey
Dear Dali – Letter 5
3 kwietnia 2021
dear dali letter 7 - dementia support for carers, my journey
Dear Dali – Letter 7
1 kwietnia 2021
dear dali - letter 5- dementia support for carers, my journey
Dear Dali – Letter 5
3 kwietnia 2021

Dear Dali

You must have been very busy with all your activities and work in the city.

I really liked your recent video and music composition which you created.

It's amazing how you feel music.

Again I would like to briefly update you about how things are in Poland.

William is finally back from Krakow. He returned to us on my birthday and brought amazing energy with him. He hugged me, picked me up in the air, telling me that I smell like Ometepe!

It was such a happy moment of the day. My sister brought him from the station and she too looked so happy arriving on our drive with him.

Our garden really amazed William. Being absent for two weeks he could see how much the plants have grown. Walnut trees and other trees too are full of green leaves now.

And our vegetables are really growing like little babies.

Today William and I are preparing for tomorrow's trip to the seaside. We are going for a wedding of my good friend. Baltic Sea here we come!

It will be a long bus drive from Wrocław to Gdańsk. According to the time schedule it should take 8 hours and (again) this is almost crossing the whole country on the bus.

However, I feel as if I am crossing a big distance on a big journey for other reasons.

You know how everyone is preparing to attend a wedding. Here is exactly the same as in Mexico. Fancy clothes, hairdos, fake nails, makeup.

Also the custom in Poland is to give newlyweds money to help pay off the costs of a two days party. All the food and all the drinks are paid for by the parents of the bride and groom or by themselves.

Of course guests don't drink mirabelka juice there but a lot of vodka with 'the black waters of capitalism' instead. So the costs of wedding parties are high.

I remember how much stress wedding preparations sometimes caused for my family.

I remember some close relatives not attending weddings because they couldn't afford to

buy new clothes and didn't have money for the gift. I ask myself…

A couple wanting to start a family, shouldn't it be about celebrating Life?

Why can't we just meet distant relatives and be happy together?

Do you remember, I was travelling on the bus 17 hours along Mexico, before we attended your relatives wedding? I was changing into my party dress on the bus! I had no make up and it was a borrowed dress.

Well now it's a bit similar, but not only, no make up, a borrowed dress and going without a money gift!

Also, (and this might be a little bit of too much information) my personal journey has led me to a place, where I don't want to shave or wax anymore- any parts of my body!

So I have a beautiful summer dress without sleeves and my hairy armpit is very much visible.

My childhood friend and neighbour is disgusted. She can't bear even looking at me, almost didn't want to let me have her lovely dress, if I don't shave. She tells me that I look like a monkey and it is not natural to not shave.

I can't disagree with this more. For sure Eva in the garden of Paradise didn't have a razor.

So what is natural? I am God's creation.

I always wondered about bodily hairs. What is the reason humans have it? I was researching online for answers but couldn't find anything at the time.

Last night I asked William about it. Oh my God! Of course he had an answer! He gave me a long speech and even a demonstration. Sometimes I feel that William is the answer to all my questions.

About hair he said that I absolutely should not shave, because bodily hair is to protect our body from bacteria and is located in all the possible infection entry places.

He also spoke about the razors, how we can not recycle those and how there is a need to deal with this pollution to the Earth.

I got my answer to why we have bodily hair, if I needed convincing to finally, fully accept my body- that was it! I am not going against nature, risking an infection just to match the current fashion standards.

During my travels I saw really happy girls with really hairy legs and it feels good to follow that natural path. It allows me to feel beautiful as soon as I wake up, not after make up or waxing sessions.

Are you interested in how the party goes? I should write you a long letter next week.

Yours, now always hairy

Malwina M. Gawron

Poland, June 2017

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